New wildlife viewing method – Camera traps!

The Nam Et–Phou Louey National Protected Area hosts a large number of endangered species including the last tigers of Indochina, gaur, Sambar deer, and white-cheeked gibbon. Eco-tours organized by the protected area and Wildlife Conservation Society Laos offer unique opportunity to visit the protected area core zone and try luck to see the wildlife.

When on the Nam Nern Night Safari tour visitors can view rare wildlife as Sambar deer, various species of civets, Slow Loris, and Muntjacs while cruising down the Nam Nern River in the dark with the boat engine turned off (See more – What kind of wildlife can be seen on Nam Nern Night Safari tour?).

A new method to view wildlife has been introduced with the New Trekking Tours – The Nests and The Cloud Forest Climb – which opened in April 2016. These 2 to 5 day adventures inside the national protected area offer a unique opportunity for visitors to see rare wildlife – captured by the camera traps! The camera traps are special cameras that are equipped with a motion sensor that detects moving objects such as wildlife and are commonly used for ecological research to capture images of wild animals when researchers are not present.

The Wildlife Conservation Society Laos together with the monitoring team of the Nam Et-Phou Louey national protected area have identified the most appropriate locations, and ten camera traps have been installed along the trekking trails.

When on the trekking tour, visitors will help the protected area guides to check the camera traps and sort the wildlife photos captured by the camera traps. These photos will be shared with visitors as souvenirs, as well as uploaded to the website for further viewing and download.

See the first camera trap wildlife photos captured by the Poung Nyied saltlick nearby the Nests camp!