Trekking and Wildlife Watching in North Laos

Trekking Tours

“The Nests” and “Cloud Forest Climb”

The Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is pleased to introduce new ecotourism attractions “The Nests” and “The Cloud Forest Climb”!

These new hiking/trekking tours is a unique opportunity to visit and stay overnight in the protected area’s core zone.The tour length varies between 2 to 5 days (see the tours below) and along the trail clients will have the opportunity to help to check the wildlife camera traps and will receive electronic copies of the photos from their trip.

These new tours located in different part of the National Protected Area than the Nam Nern Night Safari tour aim to distribute the visitor flow to reduce the negative impact to the protected area and to offer an economical alternative for new villages.

The treks operated in collaboration with surrounding villages and will directly benefit 12 villages through a village development fund. The amount of money received by the villages depends on the number of photos of rare wildlife taken by camera traps along the trail.

The project is designed to create a direct link between conservation and tourism so that the money that guests pay has a positive impact on encouraging local people to protect endangered wildlife.

The Nests accommodation

The Nests

(Moderate to Difficult Trekking, Option 2 – 3 Days, Dry season only)

Moderate 2 and 3 day family friendly hiking tours to the heart of the protected area with overnight in cozy spherical baskets hanging from the trees – ‘The Nests’. Enjoy wildlife viewing from the observation tower at the nearby Poung Nied salt lick, which attracts animals such as the rare Sambar deer from far and wide.

Note: The Nests tours are available during the dry season only, from October to May/June (depending on the rainy season)

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Cloud Forest Climb

(Challenging Trekking, 5 Days, Dry season only)

An adventurous trekking of 5 days up to the summit of Phou Louey (Forever Mountain) – one of the few Cloud forests in the region. This trek through the evergreen forest with overnights in the jungle huts in the heart of the protected area offer a great opportunity to track wild species such as white-cheeked gibbon, leopards, bears and wild dog using camera traps, which will be set up along the trail and maintained by tourists. You will also learn about the surrounding village life as the first night is spent in a Khmu village home-stay. The longer 5 day option also includes the final night in ‘The Nests’.

Note: The Cloud Forest Climb tours are available during the dry season only, from October to May/June (depending on the rainy season)

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