Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area

Status of Bears in Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA

News & Reports: 19 February 2011 Lorraine Scotson Free the Bears Fund Inc. Download Full Report (English) Download Full Report (Lao) Free the Bears Fund Inc. (FTB) is expanding in-situ research of bear species in Southeast Asia… Read More

New wildlife viewing method – Camera traps!

The Nam Et–Phou Louey National Protected Area hosts a large number of endangered species including the last tigers of Indochina, gaur, Sambar deer, and white-cheeked gibbon. Eco-tours organized by the protected area and Wildlife Conservation Society Laos offer… Read More

What wildlife can I see on Nam Nern Night Safari tour?

The Nam Et – Phou Louey national protected area has gained its popularity as being home to the last wild tigers in Lao PDR as well as for many other wild species endemic to Indochina as Gaur, Sambar… Read More

Opening in 2016 – “The Nests” & “The Cloud Forest Climb”

Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is pleased to introduce new ecotourism attractions “The Nests” and “The Cloud Forest Climb”. These projects are being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Wildlife… Read More

Laos Cub Rescue Take 2

Our two latest arrivals in Laos - sisters Nam Et and Louey - are both growing well under the care of our dedicated team. Check out this great video of their rescue and please share so that more people can know about the threats facing bears across Asia! And please please please consider supporting our work to provide a safe home for orphaned bear cubs by visiting our website and donating or purchasing from our great merchandise range http://www.freethebears.orgMusic by Chris Lewis - Possibly /

Posted by Free the Bears Fund on Friday, October 16, 2015

Two Moon bear cubs rescued in Nam Et Phou Louey NPA

Two rare Moon bear cubs were rescued last week in Houaphan province after being seized from a villager who was raising them as pets. Moon bears, also known as Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) are a globally threatened… Read More

Winner of the World Responsible Tourism Award 2013 & 2014

We are proud that the Nam Nern Night Safari eco-tour in the heart of Nam Et-Phou Louey protected area has won the prestigious ‘World Responsible Tourism Award’ at the World Travel Mart in London, England, both in year… Read More

People of the Park: Meet Bang

Bang is a villager from Nam Poung Village who uses the forest to feed her family, collecting wild bamboo shoots and ferns. She says that many people still depend on wildlife, such as rats, squirrels and small birds,… Read More

Help stop the illegal wildlife trade

If you are offered any wildlife, even as a gift or as a meal, please refuse. But you can play an even more active role: you can help stop the illegal trade in wildlife by photographing what you… Read More

How many tigers are there in the wild?

Learn about the status of tigers in eight priority areas in this report produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Download the report here.

Status of Bears in Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA

By Lorraine Scotson, Free the Bears Fund Inc. Free the Bears Fund Inc. (FTB) is expanding in-situ research of bear species in Southeast Asia to aid the successful conservation of wild populations. From January to May 2010 we conducted… Read More