Cloud Forest Climb

The Cloud Forest Climb

(Challenging Trek, 5 Days)

An adventurous trekking 5 days up to the summit of Phou Louey (Forever Mountain) – one of the few Cloud forests in the region.

This trek through the evergreen forest with overnights in the jungle huts in the heart of the protected area offer a great opportunity to track wild species such as white-cheeked gibbon, leopards, bears and wild dog (dhole) using camera traps, which will be set up along the trail and maintained by tourists.

You will also learn about the surrounding village life as the first night is spent in a Khmu village home-stay. The  5 day option also includes the final night in ‘The Nests’.

Note: The Cloud Forest Climb tours are available during the dry season only, from October to May/June (depending on the rainy season)

Difficulty Note: Clients testing this product in the past have found it to be very difficult, please only sign up for this if you have experience in difficult trekking and good physical fitness.

Option 1: Cloud Forest Climb 5 Days
Accommodation: 1 night home-stay, 2 nights Jungle Hut, 1 night The Nests

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