Tour Rates

Where does the money go?

All Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA ecotours are a not-for-profit ventures and all earnings are reinvested back into the ecotourism and other conservation projects. Please see the cost breakdown example, if 2 persons visit the Nam Nern Night Safari:

Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA Ecotour Rates*
*All rates are per person. Bookings from 1st October
 Clients per group: 1 client 2 clients 3 clients 4 clients & More
Nam Nern Night Safari 24h
2 000 000 LAK 1 500 000 LAK/Pers. 1 300 000 LAK/Pers. Same as 3 clients
The Nests 2 Days 2 500 000 LAK 1 500 000 LAK/Pers. 1 300 000 LAK/Pers. Same as 3 clients
Waterfall & Nests 3 Days 3 500 000 LAK 2 500 000 LAK/Pers. 2 300 000 LAK/Pers. 2 000 000 LAK/Pers.
Cloud Forest Climb 5 days 6 500 000 LAK 4 500 000 LAK/Pers. 4 000 000 LAK/Pers. 3 500 000 LAK/Pers.

Special rates and extras:

  • Private group surcharge – additional 1’000’000 Kip/per group/per night
  • Accommodation privacy surcharge – additional 300’000 Kip/per person/per night
  • Lao Nationals, discount 10% of the lowest rate (Example: Night Safari discount -130’000 Kip/per person)
  • Children rate:
    Ages 1-5: Free of charge
    Ages 6-10: 25% discount /person
    Ages 10 and above: Full price


  • Rates include the park entrance fee, the village development fund and wildlife sighting bonus fee, boats, food and water, guides, accommodation
  • Rates do not include transportation costs to the Nam Nern Night Safari village where the tour starts (transportation is included for all trekking tours)
  • No extra fees for seeing tigers or any other wildlife. This is included in your fee.

The way of payment: Please pay in Lao Kip only when you arrive at NEPL directly to our local guide and/or manager. Please do not pay using other currencies as we do not have a convenient place to exchange money. There is no ATM machine in the village so please prepare the necessery amount in advance.

Payment must be done before the tour start. We can’t accept late payments as most of the money is paid directly to the villagers immediately after the tour. This is a not-for-profit venture.