On the menu

Village cooks have been trained in hygienic cooking methods by the Houphanh Vocational Training School. All food is cooked and all drinking water is either boiled or bottled. All food uses locally available ingredients in order to support local farmers and create an authentic culinary experience.

The menus below are examples, but obviously they change according to the season and availability.


    • Steam rice
    • Omelette with ginger
    • “Jeow mak len” – Spicy Lao tomato sauce/salsa with garlic and herbs
    • Khmu tempura: fried organic seasonal vegetables (pumpkin, taro, and others).
    • Fried boneless chicken with ginger (substitute boiled egg for vegetarians).
    • “Koua Sin Mu Sai Kin” – Fried pork with ginger


Dinner is eaten around the fire on the banks of the river. For many, it is a highlight of their entire Night Safari. It is a time of sharing, of relaxation and of true Lao hospitality.


    • Sticky rice
    • BBQ pork
    • Ginger chili paste
    • Boiled organic seasonal vegetables (pumpkin, taro, and others)
    • Eggs and onion steamed in banana leaves
    • “Jeow king”- Spicy Lao ginger sauce with garlic and herbs
    • Banana or other seasonal fruit
    • Coffee and tea


  • Boiled eggs with soya souce
  • Steamed pumpkin, bananas or taro
  • ‘Kao tome mat’ – traditional Laotian sweet made with sticky rice, beans or banana, coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves
  • Banana or other seasonal fruit
  • Coffee and tea