Our Eco-tourism Model

Community Involvement

The Nam Nern Night Safari has been designed to create a direct link between conservation and tourism so that the money that guests pay has a positive impact on encouraging local people to protect endangered tigers and other wildlife.

DLR_141228_9035A village development fund that receives revenues from the tour is shared equally between the 14 villages that surround the Nam Nern area. Every visitor must pay a fee, which is included in the total tour price, to the village development fund before entering the area. The amount of money received by the villages depends on the numbers of wildlife seen by the tourists, who are required to fill out a wildlife monitoring form at the end of the trip. The money from the village development fund is used to support small-scale village development activities chosen by each village, rather than cash payments. The amount of money in the fund can be reduced in the event that a villager breaks the laws of the national protected area. Every family from each village has agreed to this benefit-sharing system by signing a contract.

The site and ecolodge is managed and operated by the local people of Ban Son Koua in cooperation with Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA.

There are five service groups in the village: the guide group, boat group, cooking group, camp group and handicraft group. Each group has between five and ten members who have been selected through an open interview process conducted by the NPA. In order to spread the benefits of tourism fairly in the village, any one family in the village is allowed to have membership in only one service group; and the members within each service group must take turns to share work equally. Service group members must adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits them from breaking the rules of the NPA.

Fees for the services offered by each group are pre-determined and included in the total cost of the tour. Most of your tour fee goes directly to villagers.